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Staff Qualifications:


Lakey Love, MA, MAIS, BA, BA is a principal partner at Love Just Works, LLC in Tallahassee.  Lakey’s specialties include grant writing and management both domestic and international, prevention and intervention programs (in particular public health, juvenile diversion, workforce development, hunger and resiliency).  Areas of technical expertise include digital and creative communication, including the use of storytelling to expand communications and broaden fundraising and program potential, educational training on gender and gender identity related issues, policy development and coalition building, and criminal justice reform and policing.

Mx. Love served as the Director of Global Program Development for FreshMinistries, Inc. for close to two years where they were responsible for coordinating a broad array of programs including expanding the Desmond Tutu Project to End Global Hunger which combined alternative farming methods with public health expansion, livelihood diversification, workforce development, and youth development services.  While at FreshMinistries Mx. Love: 1)  composed grants in three countries for 9 different programs in the United States, South Africa, and Kenya ranging 

from public health, healthcare, food insecurity, resilience, mental health and drug prevention, juvenile justice, agricultural development, business incubation and youth programs, 2) generated over $370,000 in the first year, 3) completed 4 international applications, 8 state applications, 7 local applications, 12 federal applications, and 14 private foundation applications including applications for USAID, US Department of Health and Human Services, US Department of Commerce, United States Department of Agriculture, US Department of Labor, Florida Department of Education, City of Jacksonville, Jim Moran Foundation, Mazda Foundation, Delores Weaver Foundation, TIAA Bank, and the Kresge Foundation.


Mx. Love also served as the ACLU of Florida’s Northeast Florida Regional Organizer and Equality Florida’s TransAction Training Coordinator and spent six years as a Literature and Composition Instructor at Florida State University. While working on their Masters degree and Ph.D. in Cultural Studies at George Mason University Mx. Love was funded by the World Bank to run a human rights research project in Guatemala and served as a contract research specialist focused on international law and violence against women in Washington, DC from 2003 through 2006. From 2015 to 2016, Mx. Love was the Director of a Florida State University Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program on Social Justice and Digital Activism.  Mx Love holds two Bachelor's degrees from University of Colorado at Denver in Anthropology and Philosophy and has published numerous white papers examining the overlap between literary language, economic change, and policy development.

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