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Grant Writing/Management

We partner with nonprofits and academic institutions to develop grant strategy and craft highly persuasive proposals to private foundations, government funders, and corporate grantmakers.  Consulting services include: 1) a comprehensive grant research approach, 2) detailed work plan and team project management for grant application process, 3) grant proposal review for a highly competitive grant proposal, 4) short-term management of grant seeking program to assure a smooth transition, and 5) long-term management of grant seeking program including long term grants campaign follow-up and refinement

Digital and Creative Communication - work one-on-one with clients throughout the content development process.  Our team experts improve employee, volunteer, stakeholder and media communication. We are experts in implementing communication plans for digital and social media and develop content for blogs, tweets, Facebook, Instagram, and promotional ads and videos for these outlets with a goal of growing an organization's presence on social media and other digital outlets.

Research Analysis - ability to conduct exploratory analysis and data visualization including design and conduct quality control procedures for data collection, analyses, and reports including technical reports describing procedures, data collection, and/or research results.

Legislative Advocacy/Policy Services - Love Just Works, LLC believes that citizens advocacy and legislative advocacy is the most direct way for public affairs teams and grassroots to change government policy. We are experts in bridging the gap between directly impacted grassroots organizing groups and sustainable policy development that matches the grassroots agenda for change.  This includes 1) working closely with legislators and policymakers at the local, state and national levels, 2) refining bill language to help gain stakeholder support, 3) creating action campaign language that simplifies the legislative process for stakeholders, and 4) using social media and new media technologies to engage a broader range of impacted citizen advocates and amplify their voices in the legislative process.

 Project Development/Management - experts in all areas of project development and management including: 1) expanding stakeholder input, 2) hosting pre-planning meetings, 3) ensure scope, schedule, and costs are reasonable and achievable, 4) allocate work among team members and provide team support, 5) conduct periodic and post-project reviews, 6) ensure all project documentation is updated and conveyed to relevant stakeholders on time, 5) develop and enforce integrated development plan, 6) develop task interdependence , 7) ensure alignment and project goals and deliverables, 8) lead risk management within project management team, 9) ensure risks have appropriate mitigation and contingency plans, and 10) help project team develop long term funding and communications for extended project development.

Event planning and Management - decades of experience organizing nonprofit and grassroots community events and promoting community engagement including online trainings, online fundraising events, and advocacy events. Including direct action advocacy events,  leadership conferences, annual meetings, and board retreats.

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